Sunday, January 21, 2018

Roscoe , They Just Want To Be Loved

This precious baby was pulled from a litter as the runt and saved from being trampled on and then eaten ( if he made it to 5 months old). The people had no way of keeping him and reached out to Hearts On Noses Sanctuary. 12 years ago . . By fluke i had an approved family not too far from here and had been out there several times. I thought the couple were wonderful . They were checked out and yes they would take this baby big pig. Roscoe too young to be neutered but under contract to do so found his way to this new home. The red flags started immediately. They didn't have straw for him when his arrival was a day away . They came here and got all my stuff such as a portable pen for the house , bedding and dishes .
I began calling this family every two weeks once he was of age to neuter and after months of promises and me working full time well more time went by.
I was heading out to pick up some homeopathic remedies and by fluke i ended up on the very street Roscoe lived at. Not prepared with treats when i jumped out of the truck i started to grab the rich grass on this 5 acre piece so i had something to offer Ros. The family were both outside working and the women looked at me and asked "do they like grass?" You have no idea the huge red flag this is and my blood was boiling when i asked " did you get him neutered ?" and they replied "no". .
While walking up the hill to the little pen they had when i approved them there he was ,..laying in mud , the water container was bone dry and his house without one shred of bedding in it. I said to the women " he is not living like a companion animal!! And she said " yea well we were thinking of getting rid of him"... WTF?? They were under contract and i told them both in no uncertain words that i would be back with a horse trailer and take care of that . .
Roscoe is our biggest guy here and he most certainly just wants to be with you. When he is running about the acreage at will he will try and bash in the feed shed doors , tip over wheelbarrows and flip benches cause he can, He really just wants to hang out with you and be loved. You have to stop what your doing and feel the warmth of his huge self as he stands as close to you as possible . He looks into your eyes and opens his mouth with big ha ha ha's and i hold onto his big head and kiss his blonde bristles. His love pours from his giant self into your heart and yours back to his as the warmth crawls up your legs and you hold him as best as you can. Its a hug from an innocent species that from no fault of their own is imprisoned by the billions , tortured then executed as a babies so you can eat them.
Please stop eating babies it for Roscoe ..

Thursday, January 11, 2018

< Ear notching tells the producer which litter the pig was born to. The tool they use ,( pictured here ) is like a pair of scissors with razor blades .. No they do not be nice to the little pigs when they do this none of this is nice and of course no sedation either ... just a screaming baby grabbed and held screaming while they slice his little baby ears . If you eat pigs your eating babies PLEASE STOP EATING BABIES and put an end to this barbaric and cruel industry.

Sharing is Not Always Caring

Sharing stories of animals in distress helps bring awareness if someone will get past the horror and read the post and be active in doing something to bring about changes. Sharing is not caring if all its doing is circulating the abuse and no one is actually doing anything about it except sharing it. Calling The SPCA is not enough but emailing every animal rescue in the area , calling emailing the city council , protest store fronts, use social media by net working , call the local veterinarians , call the local newspapers , animal advocates, animal activists groups , create a petition, put posters up, radio stations and for lack of better works be a real pain in the ass to everyone!! The animals need you to do this and if the animals need vet support raise the funds with all the contacts you have made and get them there., If you love animals and you see harm or abuse or feel things are not right, THERE NOT RIGHT and stand up and do what needs to be done!! I see some article in the paper about the farm where those calves are and the SPCA will not be laying charges even tho many animals died there from lack of medical intervention and many more will die there for the same reason . Another crappy petting zoo supported by the general public to fulfill the need to see baby farm animals and just like the one in Kamloops!! Where is the help for them?? STOP SUPPORTING ABUSE by going to any public venue that has a petting zoo, they are using animals to suck you in to going there and buying what ever they are selling.
And one final note if your part n the grande scheme of making change is being an Activist then where the animals are makes NO difference,,get to work!! Rescuers simply can't do everything here !! 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

DO NOT SUPPORT petting zoos by attending for your children as there are rescues everywhere that are more suited and take care of there animals unlike ANY PETTING ZOO does. Petting Zoos are using YOU and the animals in there care. If they don't eat them they are being shipped to slaughter and someone else will. And if they keep them during the winter months when they are closed it is only to breed them so YOU have cute babies to gawk at during the season , to be sold to anyone and or shipped again at end of season for slaughter. If your schools are arranging visits to anywhere with petting zoos is it up to you to refuse this outing and voice why!! Your participation in the visits perpetuates this treatment happening over and over again as there is no shortage of stupid people dumping pets to these users . Look where someones pets ends up in -13 temps ( YOUR DOG WOULD FREEZE TO DEATH SO WILL THIS PIG) and how this WESTSYDE PETTING ZOO also called LITTLE FARMERS PETTING ZOO in Kamloops is caring for her, Here is the phone number to voice your outrage
Phone: +1 250-571-2453
Also please call the SPCA at +1 250-376-7722

Sunday, December 10, 2017

I wanted to post about the work done cleaning here this week. . Sean, Amy , Magda ,Jana and i were here doing the waters , cleaning dishes , adding bedding where needed, raking manure from pens by the wheelbarrow and feeding/medicating yesterday( saturday) The donated hours in labour added up to 20.. Our Wednesday crew Sean , Amy , Chris and Lynn doing the same work has a combined hours of 18. Mark also an integral member is here every two weeks and his 5 plus hours is a mix of build, repair and like Sean the heavy work such as moving gravel or bark mulch where needed . ( we keep gravel and bark mulch on site ) This does not include our artistic members who photograph and create for us, or our members who donate time tabling events or fundraising by way of selling goods for us on line or having garage sales. This also doesn't include the truckloads of hay and feed picked up and put away every month. the paper work , our accountant , runs too recycling by the truckload , hoof trims , tusk trims . rescue work, emails book keeping , phone calls or emergencies.
Work days and times are strictly regulated in order to reduce the disturbance's to the animals . Pigs are a peaceful species much like cats being timid and nervous so we respect their space and maintain the peace for them as best as we can.
When we are finished for the day working outside we are tired,, sore and dirty as we all work hard. None of us girls have manicured nails .. this ain't no petting zoo., This is rescue and a working sanctuary. We are not here to hang out , take selfies and look cool, we are here working for the animals. . . .

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Yesterday although i think i might have had two hours sleep i pushed through that as the temps have dropped and i needed to make sure my pigs were warm. I had a load of nice straw in the shed so off i went doing one house at a time. When i got to Gloria's house i was reminded of when she arrived and how her family told us she didn't like hay or straw in her house.. ( how the hell did she keep warm there ?) The fact of the matter is Gloria is quite vocal and the night before when i asked her if she needed to be covered and she gave her self a shake which signifies oh yes please and so i grabbed her blanket and tucked her. in. And today as i stuffed more straw in her house she told me all about how now she had to get up and fix her nest . I tossed straw all around her. and then i gently brushed it from her face , I popped a few baby cookies in that kisser.. I asked her do you remember your first day( pictured here before her new house came in ) and i made you a big nest of straw and it was oh so cozy??!! I went on , and this will keep you oh so warm and comfy under your heat lamp.. She does have a lot to say and if you didn't know better you might not understand and be confused about her form of communication. She has a good strong voice for a little pig and is a big talker when you lift up her door flap but she loves to be loved and just has a lot to say about it.
i think a lot of people don't understand what there chatty pig is saying to them and when people don't understand they seem to take it as a negative. and if they have any underlying fear they will take it as anger or irritability. i think how frustrating it must be for a pig to be talked too like they don't understand.or can't hear. PIgs have many voices , you need to know your pig to hear what they are saying.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mandy Gill Reebok Sponsored Athlete
Mandy Gill 
International Plant-Based Super Athlete
Total Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness Advocate


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Ringing in ‘31’ as my country / animal lovin’ / plant based cowgirl self, surrounded by the best of friends as we helped feed and care for more than 40 potbelly pigs destined to become food at Hearts On Noses Sanctuary. Last year I invited my closest to celebrate in Vegas, this year we laced up to volunteer - I really like to keep them on their toes! To adventure is to find yourself whole.

 Celebrity Mandy Gill and her birthday party  joined us  November 4  as volunteers  to help  and they dug right in with pitch forks and rakes. She has the BIGGEST smile and such great friends she has and i really hope to hang out with them again

It really was one of the best days every to be surrounded by like minded  friends with big smiles  and bigger hearts.  Thank you so much Mandy !! 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

It is a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown for unless we pay a handsome price a pig here would never bite into one. As pig rescuer i have never got a bag of dog food , cat food or horse food donated by any pet food store in the 17 years I have been doing this. The only food i did get donated had to go to the dump as it was so full of mold. I have never had a tool gifted cause it had a dent in it or a price reduction in materials i needed for a build. I have never in all my years had a truck pull up with a load of hay or straw for bedding for our harsh winter months. We get no discount on our feed bill but we spend thousands every 6 weeks on it . Once in a while i will get bags of the hay swept off of someones barn floor that i can use for bedding. and i m grateful. Today I spent all afternoon driving around Mission to Pitt Meadows asking for a decent price on the left over pumpkins a few stores had . There are two places I will never walk into again as they couldn't be bothered to help me and basically treated me like shit. I did buy a load of pumpkins and spent almost 100.00 for them. And when i think of all the years i have been looked down on because i rescue pigs i could of cried all the way home after yet another demeaning day. .

But I won't because of those of you and we are not many who do give a shit and if not for your help these Heart pigs

that live here or were placed in good homes around B.C. would all be dead. Sure a few rescues scattered about have pigs but they are simply token pigs and added to the collective. They are not the Number Ones there and thought of in highest regard , not for who they are , how clever and precious . It is why each and every donation is precious to me , it is why each person who gives up their time to work here and give of themselves for the pigs that keeps me going . It is that event , that donation or that trip to pick up or gather something we can use here to make the lives better for the pigs that i am so very grateful for. . I got our Pumpkins , kids - and to those of you who help me , thank you they are going to love them/

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sometimes I am an Angry Rescuer

Yesterday i went to pick up a load of feed to hold me over until i get my truck fixed and was reading the board they have on the wall outside . The board is typical of most feed stores out here that will host event posters , an array of business cards , tree services, hay for sale and " HOME WANTED" .

You ever notice that when someone is giving up someone they always state something along the lines of " we love him to pieces but " and or " much Loved ", What a pile of bullshit And i feel this way because i do love and know what that is and it means i would do everything i had to do to make it work.

Do these people say this to relieve some sort of inner guilt or are you saying that to make us feel sorry for you? Because giving up someone and then saying you love them on a crappy piece of paper on a feed store board is such bullshit.

Then they add must go to good home well how would they know a good home from a bad one ? Clearly they were a terrible home as they are getting rid of someone they love!!

Oh and now the very popular " adoption fee" is added to the post as they have learned that stating a value doesn't go over too well with people who love like me so they use terms the rescue orgs use and that is " must pay adoption fee" I am rolling my eyes here but this shit sells and works on the average joe as they are not in the rescue world and facing this kind of bullshit on a daily basis.

In fact anyone can pretty well say anything they want now as there is no one policing "bullshit" animals unwanted ads.

Now before i have to read about tragic stories that are an exception to the rule ..please don't bother . I will see more of those in a week then you will see in a lifetime.

EVery day i get an email from someone wanting to get rid of someone they claim to love. And after years of getting these emails how can you honestly expect me to be as gullible as i was 20 years ago, Do the research before there is another innocent soul wondering why YOU don't want them anymore. I am an angry rescuer now as i don't forgive your stupidity because it has ultimately hurt someone i really do love. and i am doing everything i can in my life time to make it better for the ones you claimed too. .

Monday, September 4, 2017

More than Sanctuary

A petting zoo was wrapping up for the season and preparing to ship all their animals to the auction. It was a bad time for me emotionally but i did my best to work with the Petting Zoo owners to get these animals homes, fosters or to keep them and stop the repeat turn over of unwanted animals by people who betray them. I told her there are not people like me there buying animals. They will be slaughtered, sacrificed or WORSE. The Auction is a disgusting market of terrified animals being torn from all they loved and know. Fear in there eyes calling out to each other or huddled so tightly trying to gain safety for each other. Then you have the meat dealers , impulsive shoppers and the petting zoo buyers who pick animals by way of meat value or temperament with no thought to the mother or bonded friends standing by. If you can't be pet in this terrifying place they won't buy you... it is truly a place where the most callous hang out. It is a place you would never find me at.. ...
Two little pigs needed to be picked up from the Zoo asap and three of us loaded up crates and off we went. It took a while as i don't have a horse trailer but we got em and our fosters were quick to name them, fall in love and adopt them. . Bernie now named is the white guy and Wolfie more out going is the little blank one. Joined by there family and existing spotted pig kid Jake , it is now one big happy family. 🐷 Hearts On Noses Sanctuary🐷