Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sometimes I am an Angry Rescuer

Yesterday i went to pick up a load of feed to hold me over until i get my truck fixed and was reading the board they have on the wall outside . The board is typical of most feed stores out here that will host event posters , an array of business cards , tree services, hay for sale and " HOME WANTED" .

You ever notice that when someone is giving up someone they always state something along the lines of " we love him to pieces but " and or " much Loved ", What a pile of bullshit And i feel this way because i do love and know what that is and it means i would do everything i had to do to make it work.

Do these people say this to relieve some sort of inner guilt or are you saying that to make us feel sorry for you? Because giving up someone and then saying you love them on a crappy piece of paper on a feed store board is such bullshit.

Then they add must go to good home well how would they know a good home from a bad one ? Clearly they were a terrible home as they are getting rid of someone they love!!

Oh and now the very popular " adoption fee" is added to the post as they have learned that stating a value doesn't go over too well with people who love like me so they use terms the rescue orgs use and that is " must pay adoption fee" I am rolling my eyes here but this shit sells and works on the average joe as they are not in the rescue world and facing this kind of bullshit on a daily basis.

In fact anyone can pretty well say anything they want now as there is no one policing "bullshit" animals unwanted ads.

Now before i have to read about tragic stories that are an exception to the rule ..please don't bother . I will see more of those in a week then you will see in a lifetime.

EVery day i get an email from someone wanting to get rid of someone they claim to love. And after years of getting these emails how can you honestly expect me to be as gullible as i was 20 years ago, Do the research before there is another innocent soul wondering why YOU don't want them anymore. I am an angry rescuer now as i don't forgive your stupidity because it has ultimately hurt someone i really do love. and i am doing everything i can in my life time to make it better for the ones you claimed too. .

Monday, September 4, 2017

More than Sanctuary

A petting zoo was wrapping up for the season and preparing to ship all their animals to the auction. It was a bad time for me emotionally but i did my best to work with the Petting Zoo owners to get these animals homes, fosters or to keep them and stop the repeat turn over of unwanted animals by people who betray them. I told her there are not people like me there buying animals. They will be slaughtered, sacrificed or WORSE. The Auction is a disgusting market of terrified animals being torn from all they loved and know. Fear in there eyes calling out to each other or huddled so tightly trying to gain safety for each other. Then you have the meat dealers , impulsive shoppers and the petting zoo buyers who pick animals by way of meat value or temperament with no thought to the mother or bonded friends standing by. If you can't be pet in this terrifying place they won't buy you... it is truly a place where the most callous hang out. It is a place you would never find me at.. ...
Two little pigs needed to be picked up from the Zoo asap and three of us loaded up crates and off we went. It took a while as i don't have a horse trailer but we got em and our fosters were quick to name them, fall in love and adopt them. . Bernie now named is the white guy and Wolfie more out going is the little blank one. Joined by there family and existing spotted pig kid Jake , it is now one big happy family. 🐷 Hearts On Noses Sanctuary🐷

Friday, June 9, 2017

I am sorry Allie , i tried everything to keep you with me

We took Lola from a  place after having her spayed and then renaming her Allie in hopes her anger would meet us half way. She came out of her crate with potato peels as her lure. and drove in a big Dodge Dually by a restaurant owner to never saw them again . New start for such a broken little girl. She came at me in front of two young volunteers and gave me a good bite while i yelled out for help those two girls ran and locked themselves up in the shed. They would let me die ;o) I remember rubbing her belly and i remember her nose nudging me and taking me completely off guard while talking to another pig. She loved the snow and enjoyed being out in the paths 2 1/2 ft deep this winter. She was my helper. And that same nose touched my hand as we moved her into safe , heated quarters  close to me where she died later last night.    (I tried  6 diff types of antibiotics  and the necropsy left unanswered questions).      
I am not like most Santuary directors , speaking about love and taking selfies with my pigs. I am raw and real and speak out against wrongs and morne as deep as you do;.
To the likes of people like Debbie Cork who thought herself an authority on Sanctuary operations and volunteers attacked me in the most cruel way yesterday during a time in which i was trying to save the life of a pig. To all the Debbie Corks when your asking yourself how did this happen when some rescue is found out to be a fake and you cry out 'why didn't somebody say something ' I will and have .. and to all the Debbie Corks who think i should be able to live up to your expectations what ever they are , think again. Haven't i done enough and i know i have done more then you will ever do because i gave everything i could and you think your the  authority ... no ..i am,.
I bought this acreage, I worked my ass off and i built it and i moved us all and i built it again. I had a heart attack and during my recovery three years later i lost pig after pig after dog after cat and after horse as i was getting old and so were my babies .. i cried and i cried and it still wasn't good enough for you all.. i was to be some good witch floating around here in a pink bubble living up to everyone's expectations as a sanctuary director. .
I will live and die with Allies loss , what did i do ..what didn't i do.; and let me  share with you some more ,
 especially the likes of Debbie Cork.
Chris and Lynn arrived early today, early they volunteer and arrive about 1;30... but things come together as i woke early and rushed to Allie to find her gone and so this morning's greeting was of tears . Both girls offered instead of doing the reg chores they would take Allie to the Lab for me so i have have a Necropsy done so i could find out what i did wrong. Brook rushed down here with a bottle of wine and helped me deal with my grief and this is cleaning out both Allies house and the hospital room we moved her too. All the dishes of uneaten efforts, fresh hay moved out imprinted with her crossing. My kitchen littered with syringes. open bottles , pots filled with soups and remembering telling her that she had to be brave that all of this would make her better- ... and to find her dead was such a betrayal. I take comfort in that she didn't struggle. that she died peacefully and i am glad i gave her a shot of pain killer.
And Debbie Cork you were not here When Jeff arrived to help me take Allie to the clinic and Dana was here not you to help us load her. You were not hear to help administer shots and meds with Magda and i to try and save Alley.
You have one hell of a ;lot of nerve and if you think that i am going to read your post and take it sitting down and then you call it hatred when i stand up for myself ..well think again.
When Brook left today. she hugged and kissed me and although she is going home to her husband and kids she stopped a second to reinforce that love and hugged me again.
Screw you Debbie Cork on a day i lost one of my babies. .

Monday, May 29, 2017

Have you ever been to a class act pig rescue? Awesome wood fencing , cute sheds with windows and patio umbrellas. Flowers , grass to your knees and blossoming fruit trees and those cute pig noses!!! Its dry and beautiful, the pools are out and pigs are basking in the sun. 
 People are sending me information about pigs needing help all the time but the truth is i don't have enough help for the ones that are here already so how can i possibly help more ? .
If you can spare 2- 4 hours a week,, or every two weeks it could save lives , Its healthy work in the fresh air. YOU could make the difference in someone who needs us to bring them here. 
 Please , hear them crying and help me help them.
Dylan arrived with Dixie Chick in 2005 ( if my picture dates are correct). The Surrey SPCA grabbed the pair trying to survive on their own and brought them to our first place in Maple Ridge. Dixie was much older than Dylan and left us two years later , I had to move her from Dylan's side..
Dylan was a quiet boy and spoke very softly unless you brought his quietness to his attention then he would holler for dinner just let you know what he could do. When you unhooked his gate he would push the gate just right with that cute snouty so it bounced open. Then he would tuck his nose on the edge and flip it open all the way. I called him "my gentleman pig" to anyone being just introduced to him. Dylan on occasion would challenge his rival Casanova for head pig here. I have a few movies of them setting up to have a go. But Dylan was not a fighter he was timid , quiet , and gentle boy who lived his life here to the fullest, even during his last days here.
He was my helper at feed times and would run to great me and follow the little piles i would leave for him from paddock to paddock. He injured his shoulder so was put on meds for a year , i slowly took him off and he was back to helping me again. And then came the snow , that dam long winter and coming out of it i could see something big was wrong.
The day before Dylan left us he was reluctant to go to bed and wait for dinner like most do after a breakfast treat. I could see he kept going in and coming out and would just stand there . I have seen my older pigs do this before ..taking in there surroundings as if it was there last day on earth.
I kissed his nose when he was wrapped in a blue woolly blanket after he had left me. I will miss you my sweet sweet boy.

The Three Little Pigs


 It was an exciting day transporting mama pig and two babes from the BC SPCA Cowichan & District Branch to their new forever home at Hearts on Noses Sanctuary in Mission BC. Because this is outside the cowichan catchment area (to which the pigs would need to be returned for spays by the spca), Hearts on Noses has offered to raise the money to have their spays done here. One supporter who wishes to remain anonymous has put up the money for one spay- now hearts on noses needs other supporters to donate for the other two. You can donate to Hearts on Noses through Canada Helps, and specify it is for the spays of the newest arrivals. Thanks, Hearts on Noses for stepping up to the plate to help with the Spca's massive intake of pot bellied pigs !

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Arthritis Arsenal

I haven't blogged in a long time but I wanted to share the story of a few animals here who suffered differently from arthritis and how i am or was treating them. . First if you have pigs no matter what breed or size over feeding one who is already compromised is only adding more weight to a painful situation and taking years from their lives. Pigs are not meant to be so fat that can't see , hear or walk. No animal is. Rose pictured in the wallow came in as a 9 week old with a smashed hip. Nothing could be done for her as her leg swung free but she used it too keep her balance. As an adult you will see her rest that leg on the hoof of the other. In order to keep Rose's other three legs strong i started her on human grade Recovery. She has been on them since she was 6 months old and is currently taking 10 a day. She is also on medicam along with other joint supplements such as additional glucosomine. If you have a pig who was born with challenging issues such as a club foot , missing a limb, hoof or claw keep them fit. If a pig has come in with poor condition , cracked or over grown hooves you will need to address these issues with proper trims and care . There is no reason to not know if your pig is under fed or over weight today as comparisons can be found in pictures or videos of pigs in Sanctuary's such as ours whose pigs are well cared for all over the world. Pigs with a hump on their necks , single large fat deposit waddles under there necks, are going deaf , are going blind , thick fat layers coming down off there head and low rear hanging bellies are too fat. The form of a pot belly pig is why they are called what the are . don't mistake the profile of a pot bellied pig with being fat but look at the other symptoms I have mentioned here and compare. (See my post " Is My Pig Too Fat") Farmed pigs were bred to die as babies , no one cared about condition unless she was a producer or he was a stud. Its all about meat not long life so legs will be probably the first reason your loved big pig will go down. Protect your big pigs in senior years with strong doses of glucsomine supplements . If your pig is already fat and limping or not wanting to get up for any reason from pain DON'T OVER FEED THEM, it is abuse by you as the care taker.
Dior , a 23 year old quarter horse started to have seizures and it took her a while to get her self up after as her legs didn't seem to be connected to her will. There would be no forcing her to get up with whips and straps as it wasn't that she didn't want to get up , she simply couldn't engage after going down. After the first three events i kept her wintered in her paddock and our Vet treated her. One of the meds we used was Arthryloid (Canadian) for arthritis . Available in the USA is Adequan , something we can't get here. The later is more expensive if you can get both. When doing a little research some recommended one and some the other. Both can be used on pigs and is considered a wonder drug for pigs with arthritis. It is only by injection so if you have pigs or horses you absolutely must get comfortable administering shots. I was heart broken when i lost her two years later but she was not euthanized, she crossed over on her own here. I also had her on Previocox, a med developed for dogs with arthritis. This med can also be given to pigs. You just need to find which one works best for your patient.
Gloria began to have problems from back pain and i started her on Meloxicam, One can see how she hunches instinctively when she moves as she is trying to remove pain by raising her limbs up. Gloria suffers from other issues as well but she is treated with monthly injections of Arthyloid (2.5 cc) after a series of them every week . Meloxicam was replaced with 50 mgs of a Tramadol twice a day. As you can see, she is a little pig by comparison and with that comes a malady of medical issues. Keeping her warm in the winter months is crucial and with soft ground to walk on as that removes the impact on her little self from walking on hard surfaces. I have carpets going over the driveway to the grass for the special needs pigs in the areas we have made for them here and in the sheds with cement foundations we have both rubber mats and carpet. It is way easier for a senior hooved animal to get up on a soft surface with some give over a hard flat one. We lay carpet on the floors of our senior pigs sheds to give their hooves something to dig into. One of the huge regrets of moving here was that the horses barn was not like the dirt floor one we had prior. If i were to rebuild for horses , it would be on a dirt floor.
Scout a 15 year old pot bellied pig, started to limp in the winter. I assumed it was arthritis. I began a low dose of medicam daily until one day he couldn't get up. We bundled him on a blanket and moved him into a closer shed where i could see his hoof/foot was swollen and he held it up in pain showing me. I started him on Amoxicillin as clearly it was infection but i didn't use my horse sense here with his hoof care so off to the vet we went. Our vet did an ex-ray and we talked about removing the offending claw but started him on Nuflor injections for hoof rot every other day for 15 injections. He was kept on his Medicam and we added Tramadol for pain. Like horses, his hoof has a chip and a foreign object got up in there like a piece of sand and it got infected. It was also our wettest time of the year although our pigs are kept in large sheds with tons of straw bedding which should of been enough to dry out wet hooves after feeding outside. Our pigs are kept on gravel and bark mulch to keep them out of mud so i think i covered prevention the best way i could yet this still happened. I am also going to pick up some Biotin at the horse feed store next time as this will speed and strengthen hoof growth. So to round this up i have mentioned Arthyroid, Adequan, Medicam or Meloxicm, Previcox, Tramadol and quality high doses of glucosomine supplments. I also have Rimidil on the shelf in case something stops helping and i have it to try something else. I wrote this because sometimes euthanasia can be averted if one knew what other choices there are now. I know my grammar sucks so before you criticize this blog please send me your edited version so i can fix it . EDITED TO ADD- This afternoon one of our pigs taking meloxicam was out in the sun for a short time and was found panting and in trouble. Thing is , this happened to antother one of our pigs a few weeks ago also on meloxicam. this can't be a coincidence and i will be doing some further research -both pigs came out of it after being cooled down with water , starting from the tummy up. .

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Vegan Potluck!!!

Celebrate a 5th annual vegan Compassionate ThanksLiving Potluck Celebration this year by partaking in this feast of thanks and bounty! This is your chance to build community and share delicious nourishment with like-minded people during this holiday time. Socialize with new and old friends over a selection of live musical entertainment. All are welcome to attend! This is an animal-friendly event, so please bring a vegan dish, cut and portioned as needed, with at least 8 servings (no dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, whey/casein, or other byproducts). Also, please bring a plate, cup, and cutlery for yourself, and a serving utensil for your dish. (a bag for your dirty dishes would be useful, too) If you’re not a cook or are pressed for time, no worries! Sharing store-bought food is fine! Please bring an ingredients list for your dish, and please indicate on it if it is also raw and/or gluten-free. 200 people attended the event last year and we are planning for at least as many this year! It is a family-friendly event, so please bring your loved ones! This event will feature a fabulous RAFFLE fundraiser. Please bring some $ for a chance to win some amazing prizes! Entry is by a suggested donation of $5 at the door. No one will be turned away for lack of entry donation. Proceeds from this event will go to local vegan and animal non-profits, including Meatless Meetup and Hearts On Noses Sanctuary. ACCESSIBILITY There is a special entrance for wheelchairs leading from the right side of the parking lot straight into the hall. The accessible washroom (doorway measuring 27″ wide) is located one level up. Don't hesitate to ask a volunteer for any assistance needed. This event is generously sponsored by ADAV, the Oakridge Seventh Day Adventist Church, Laura-Leah Shaw: RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside, Nature's Path Organic Foods, and gardein. We will have many Gardein Holiday Roasts to serve for your eating pleasure! POSTS</b>

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Soft Like Luke

I saw him over 14 years ago, hunkered close to the ground like a cat will do when moving out on his own and searching for food. A short haired ginger boy and i thought man he must be hungry to come to a home where carries the scent of three dogs. I started to leave food out every night on the work bench in my carport . And when i knew he was coming every night i started to sit out there with that food. He would have to get used to me being there to eat and so i sat with a flashlight and a book every night. I enticed him with creme and after a few monthes i would reach out for a pet . One night having gained his trust i grabbed him . I have held a few wild cats in my lifetime and they fight like hell but this cat shivered in my arms. The spare bedroom with an added screen door would be his while he got used to life indoors, the dogs , the other cats and of course the pigs. It was a short haired collie who pushed passed me threw that n door one night and they became fast friends. He is a cool cat i thought , cool like Luke. Luke was diagnosed with cancer such a short time ago. This picture was only taken in May of this summer. Today he was half the cat and when he was found somewhere he never goes this morning i knew he was trying to get away...from his own self. I hope that collie greets Luke on the other side as i told him he might. And i told him i will never forget him and when ever i feel something or someone that feels oh so soft to the touch i will think "soft as Luke" . There will be an empty spot in my arms tonight. .